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.... or Life-Style

People who try scuba diving due to curiosity or scientific interest will notice that their lives have changed in very important ways.

If you have watched the sea for the most part of you life from a beach or a boat or just on TV, you will be suprised by the change you experience by diving into deep waters, it is an extraordinary experience, it is like returing to the warm and loving womb of our mother.

Under the surface of the water, no matter how deep, our very best human seniments will flourish. We learn to relax, to be in peace with ourselves and with nature, we learn to share the live surrounding us and even to share the air we breeze.

Egoism, desloyal competition, are atitudes that have no room at all under the surface of the water, it makes us more aware of the responsibility with the persons close to us and to five future generations the chance to enjoy what we have now.

If you have been scuba diving for a long time and your encounters with nature have been different, varied, incredible, marvellous; you ask yourself Why isn´t it getting monotonous? Very simple; you will discover that besides scuba diving is the environment, the sharing with people you have never seen before, peple of different races, languages, political and religious believes. This person is just your diving buddy, nothing else matters. Best of all is sharing the experience with your loved ones.

For these reasons, the suba diving pros have the moral and ethical obligation with the people that put their lives in their hands. The must be diving instructors, masters, guiding those people not only under the water but also towards a different actitud towards live. Success can not be only measured by economical goals but by the mark we leave on land and sea.


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