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It is the only multi-species labirynth in the caribbean. Is is an ecologic park where tropical flora with species native to Margarita island are shown along with others cultivated in Venezuela. The development abarks 17000 m2 dedicated to ecologic conservation and fun.

The ficus labirynth defies your sense for orientation and makes you experience the emotion of finding the lost path.

The park is devided into 4 areas:
Laberinto Tropical
The Xerophilous zone, where vegetation usually found between sea-level and 400 m (Cacti, spiny bushes, grasses and a large Guayacán, emblematic tree for Nueva Esparta state) Many  other species are grown here.

The flower gardes, where you will find a large number of species frequently seen in  gardens on Margarita Island.

In another zone are Mangos, native pruns, different kinds of bananas, sugar cane and guava.

The next part of the tour is planted with species that normally grow more than 400 above sea-level.
A micro-climate was created where , using the shade of giant bambu combined wiith aireal watering, achive the humidity required by these species (Bormelia, orchids, calas, ferns, palm trees and aireal ferns).

The tours finishes in a shady zone with a pond where local tropical fauna may be observed and interacted with. Turtles, Boa Constrictor, black spiders, royal parrots and a very sympatic monkey named Pancho. There is an exhibit of all snakes to be found on Margarita island, as well as other reptiles like Iguanas, lizards and Babas (small caiman)

In each zone a natural refreshment is offerd to the visitor, as sugar cane juice, papelon con limon (melasse with lemon), coconut milk and tropical fruit.

the Labirinto Tropical is located on the road Los Robles-La Asuncion, Sector Palosanos.
Opening Hours: from Tuesday to Sunday from 9.30 am to 5.30 PM

Laberinto Tropical

Laberinto Tropical

Laberinto Tropical

Laberinto Tropical

Laberinto Tropical

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