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Kite surfing, one of the most impacting extreme sports of the last years, has arrived to Playa El Yaque.

Why Playa El Yaque is apt for this sport? The wind conditions cannot be better. Side shore winds from the left; shallow waters for the first 300 m, sandy ground and very warm water without currents make this beach marvellous to learn or to practice this sport, so popular in Europe and the United states. As you know, Playa El Yaque already is already prestigious and famous internationally for windsurfing.
These are the reasons we are very visited by windsurfers and to avoid accidents and collisions, the beach has been segmented for both sports. Beginners may use the beach before 9.30 am or after 5.30 pm. Experienced kite surfers may use both ends of the beach, where is little chance to run into windsurfers.

The wind conditions are incomparable. Constant and strong winds from December to July. This advantage has earned the third place in international ranking. Between August and November we have less, but constant winds, ideal for beginners and for larger kites. That way you never have to quit practicing your favourite sport. Visit us and try!




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