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More than twenty years ago, Margarita Island emerged powerfully from the waters of the Caribbean, as a perfect option for investors, and today…pretty soon, they have started to collect to profits of large investments. Nueva Esparta experienced a vertiginous economical evolution in less than two decades and surprisingly is almost untouched by the crisis that still persists in the country.

Nonetheless, this apparent Margaritenan bounty depends entirely on tourism, which leaves plenty of expectations for the future of Nueva Esparta, diversifying the economy to maintain the growth rate and to insure our future.

All factors point towards success. Communities form all over the world settle on the island, attracted by investments of internationals companies.

Many visitors, which fall in love at first sight with Margarita, decide to return and settle here, looking for prosperity and tranquility.

The island is a phenomenon without precedents in the recent history of the country. Basic services and esthetics have improved, enhancing its national beauty.

The roads are generally good, and they reach all villages on the island. Maybe during high season there is some traffic jam, caused by the excess of cars brought from mainland by ferry, but the improvements in the road system and the public transportation can be noticed already.

Investing on the island is still rentable; remember - if you do it now, your investment will grow with the development of the region, if you wait much longer, the square meter of land will show sky rocking prices.

Just come and visit for some days, analyze the market – you will find completely saturated sectors and others, still virgins, ready to invest. You will enjoy the contrast between the villages, its costumes and traditions, the living images of its geography and history that season each corner of this land, bathed by the sea, with the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises, where you can multiply your investment.

It is a good time to invest, tourism backs up your investments. Profitability depends on knowing to pick the right area.
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