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Entry requirements: A valid passport and a Visa our Tourist Card is required (depending on citizenship). Tourist cards are expended by the airlines on international flight to Venezuela.

Medicine and Health: There are several public and private clinics, ambulance services and doctors on Margarita Island. In case you need need to be hospitalized, you will receive better service in private clinics. (Centro Médico La Fe, Clínica Margarita, Clínica Costa Azul). You have to pay for treatment directly at the clinic and get the cost re-imbursed from your insurance. Please don´t forget your passport and credit card if you need treatment at a clinic. Climate: There are no pronounced seasons in Venezuela nor on Margarita Island. The temperature on the Island varies from 32 º C in September to 24 ºC in January. We recommend to be careful when exposing yourself to the sun, because the sun is stronger here than in other locations with similar geographical position. Extensión: The island is 940 km2 large. It is well worth to explore and discover all of its charms. Roads are generally good, the largest north-south distance is 33 km, the longest East-West distance is 64 km

Population: Approximately 370.000

Información General Currency: Legal currency is Bolívar. There are Bills in denominations 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100,  Bolívares. Coins 1, 0.50, 0.25, 0.10, 0.05  Bolívares.

Currency Restrictions: Exchange transactions must be made in Comercial Banks or Money Exchange at the official exchange rate.
Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club and American Express are accepted in most stores, restaurants, hotels, bars and night clubs, as well as traveller cheques. Outside the larger cities, a supply of Bolívares is recommended.

Tips: Retaurant bills, and those from bars and clubs include a 10 % service charge, but waitors, tourist guides, housekeeping service and bell boys are tipped anyway for good service.

Water: The tap water is not recommendable for human consumption. It is preferable to depend on botted or filtered water.

Transportation: Public transportation will take you everywhere on Margarita Island at a realy low fare. It is the best way to get around inside Porlamar; but to get from one village to another it is very slow, because stops are not respected and the driver stops anytime a passanger asks him to.

Electricity: The Voltaje on Margarita Island like in the rest of Venezuela is 110 V

Telephone code: Venezuela +58 Margarita Island 295

High Season: December to April and July to September

Low Season: Rest of the year
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Guía Turística de la Isla de Margarita -  Centro de Reservaciones para Hoteles y Excursiones
Phone: +58 295 2621333 / 2628665 / 2629306 Fax: 58 295 2629753
Porlamar - Isla de Margarita - Venezuela

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