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Symbols of history and exotic beauty

There are several areas under special administration on Margarita Island, due their value is priceless and there is a special commitment to preserve them with special care and protect them form the dangers of human intervention.

48% of the extension of the island is under this special administration. It is very convenient for the state, because this areas, very different from each other, attract plenty of tourists. The special administrated parks are:

La Laguna de Las Marites: Located in the south of Margarita Island, part of Garcia county. This area is habitat of a large variety of seabirds as sea gulls, ducks and herons. The flora is varied, red and white mangroves and others. This area stretches over a surface of 3680 ha.

El Cerro Copey: Is part of the counties Arismendi, Dias, Garcia and Gomes and stretches for more than 7000 ha. It is the largest mountain range on Margarita Island. There are several small rivers that run through several villages of the region. The flora and fauna is pretty varied, and it is the favourite of the adventure tourists.

Nacional Park Laguna de La Restinga: Located specifically on Peninsula Macanao. Stretches for approximatel 18.850 ha. The water is very salty because of its 150 m wide connection with the sea that is about 6 m deep.

Las Tetas de María Guevara: This beautiful landscape stretches for 1670 ha and incluyes two important lagoons.

Laguna de Boca de Palo: Located at a few meters form the village Chacachacare. It repeats the presence of mangroves and is constantly used by fishermen due to its plentiful marine species.

Laguna de Punta de Piedras: Connects to the sea and is surrounded by beautiful mangroves.

Laguna de Raya: 1.300 m long; connects to the sea and is very visited by fishermen.

Cerro Guayamurí: Is 470 m high and is home to a variety of flora and fauna.

Cerro Matasiete: Is more than 600 high. Home to woodpeckers, turpials, colibrí and other birds besides reptiles and amphibious.

If you are on Margarita Island, don´t doubt to visit some of the mentioned places. You will find natural green and fresh air. It is impressing to watch the encore of fresh water with seawater. All the above mentioned places offer you the opportunity to enjoy nice landscapes, kind people and exotic beaches.
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