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Cities and Places
Between 1534 and 1542 Margarita Island belonged to Nueva Cadiz (Cubagua).

The King of Spain ordered the priest of Cubagua, Francisco Villacorta, to deed land to the Guaiquerí Indians, who inhabited Margarita Island. The priest was named Protector and sailed to Margarita Island on November 13, 1534, to found a village where now San Antonio is. The natives would not have it, so he opted to found the "Pueblo de la Mar" naming it "Villa de Espiritu Santo" (Village of the Holy Ghost) and built a Church there.

Counts with Colonial and historical attractions, beautiful beaches, international and typical restaurants, large hotels and has become one of the prefered areas for residential buildings because of the beauty of its shoreline.

It is one of the most ancient settlings on Margarita Island. Since its foundation arroud 1530, Pampatar has been a fishermen village. When the Spaniards decided to settle there they built castles and forts to defend the village from pirate attackes.
Cueva del Bufón: esculpida por el mar
The reflection of the sun is enormous, extraordinary shapes of rocks, which seem to be sculpted by human hands. Water plays with rocks, running over them as it has always done. Fool's Cave is very beautiful. Located in Pampatar, and has been frequently visited by tourists, but almost forgotten in recent years.
La Cueva del Bufón
La Asunción
Is the capital of Nueva Esparta State, approximately 15 minutes from Porlamar. Its 15.000 inhabitants are not only government employees and politicians; this town is also the town of residence of a great number of artists and intellectuals. The downtown shows off a very well preserved colonial architecture.

The town was founded in 1565 by Captain Pedro Gonzalez de Albornoz and fortified. It was attacked nevertheless by pirates and in 1648 more than 200 of its inhabitants died in an epidemic.
La Asunción
Virgen del Valle
Virgen del Valle"The sick one, turning his eyes to the Holy Virgin del Valle, swore, that if she spared him surgery and restored his health, he would donate to her the very first pearl the would extract after his healing. Healed a short time after his pleas, he dives into the sea and extracts a shell, opens it and between the shiny gloss of the inside of the shell walls, a pearl in a rare shape appears, formed like a little, irregular leg with a mark at the side, precisely at the place where the surgery would have been."

History of Virgen del Valle, by Brother Nectario Maria, page 185 to 186.
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