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Is the capital of Nueva Esparta State, approximately 15 minutes from Porlamar. Its 15.000 inhabitants are not only government employees and politicians; this town is also the town of residence of a great number of artists and intellectuals. The downtown shows off a very well preserved colonial architecture.

The town was founded in 1565 by Captain Pedro Gonzalez de Albornoz and fortified. It was attacked nevertheless by pirates and in 1648 more than 200 of its inhabitants died in an epidemic.
La Asunción
The only remain of mural of the ancient La Asunción is "El Puente Viejo" (The old bridge) on the northern exit of the town at approximately 200 m from Museum Nueva Cadiz, located in an Colonial Administrative Building with a shady yard full of Palm Trees. It is beautifully restored and exhibits artifacts from Ancient Nueva Cadiz, an impressive model of Margarita Island and a permanent art exhibit by modern painters and sculptors. It is located just in front of the Plaza Bolivar, shaded by ancient trees. On this Plaza you will find " La iglesia de nuestra Señora de la Asunción", one of the oldest churches in Venezuela. The construction was initiated in 1570, de Bell Tower was concluded in 1599 and the main ship in 1617. No mayor changes have been made since then.

At the eastern end of Avenida 5 de Julio there is "Casa Muncipal" (city administration) and the legislative palace, both located in the same building. It was built as a Convent between 1593 and 1617. Since than it has been given many different uses.

On the road to Porlamar is "La Columna de Matasiete", reminding of the victory of the Republicans over the Spaniards in 1817.

On a hill in the north of the city is "Castillo de Santa Rosa". This caste dates from the end of the XVII Century when the governor decided its constructions after the town was destroyed by attack of French pirates.

There is a terrific view of the entire town and the valley from this castle.
La Asunción
La Asunción
La Asunción
La Asunción

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