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Isla de CubaguaOnly a few fishermen live on Margarita Island. There are no constructions, nor too many tourists, just blue sea and a few typical fisherboats, some shacks and of course the ruins of the ancient city of Nueva Cadíz, the first centre of pearl extraction in South America.

Cubagua offers, from all points of view, a beautiful landscape with its plains of sand and cactus. It is a previleged place due to its beaches and history and the ideal refuge for those looking for paradise-like solitude on an island that has managed to remain almost untouched during times.
Isla de Cubagua

Pearl Island, discovered by Cristobal Colon on his third voyage in 1498. This was its original name, because of the richess of its oyster banks that had the power to attract a large number of ambitous Spaniards in very few years.

The city of Nueva Cadíz was founded after several decades of intense pearl extraction. This settlement, as it often occurs in mining communities, started to decay due the extinctions of the oyster banks, that disappeard completey in a catastrophic tropical cyclon in 1541. Some lines of piled stones remind of the short presence of men on the dry grounds, and under water, there are more ruins, easily to be discovered by anybody with a pair of fins, snorkel and mask and a an adventurous spirit.

Even if the era of pearl extraction remains in the past, Cubagua still holds an even larger treasure; about 2064 ha of land, an neverending coast with white sand and blue water and quietness only interruped by the murmor of the waves.

If you visit Cubagua Island, well on a comfortable yacht or a native fisherboat, make sure to take a hat, because it never rains on Cubagua Island and the sun is very strong all day long.
Isla de Cubagua
Isla de Cubagua
Isla de Cubagua
Isla de Cubagua
Isla de Cubagua

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