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Cueva del Bufón: esculpida por el mar Print E-mail
The reflection of the sun is enormous, extraordinary shapes of rocks, which seem to be sculpted by human hands. Water plays with rocks, running over them as it has always done. Fool's Cave is very beautiful. Located in Pampatar, and has been frequently visited by tourists, but almost forgotten in recent years.
La Cueva del Bufón
The poular legend tells a story of smugglars and pirates hiding places, but it is only legend, because the cave is neither protecting nor cosy. There are some stairs leading to it, but they are in bad shape. The beauty of the cave is not on the inside, but outside, in the surrounding rocks bathed by the sea.

The sunsets at the cave are memorable.

To get to the Bufón Cave you have to take the road to La Caranta and than follow to the salt marsh. You reach it on a dirt road in regula conditions, but it is worth it.  After reaching Playa La Punta at the end of the road, you have to walk up the hill El Vigia.

The salt marsh in Pampatar is also bery beautiful. It shines in the sun like a ice-skating ring, but colored, in shades from white to lilac, passing through several shades of pink.

If you are lucky, you even may see some Dolphins from the hill El Vigia-  and always the spectacular beauty of the salt marsh, the rocks, bathed by the sea and  La Caranta Bay.
La Cueva del Bufón
La Cueva del Bufón
La Cueva del Bufón
La Cueva del Bufón
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