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During the Colonization Period, the Spaniards built several castles and forts to defend the island against pirate attacks. Those buildings remain as a reminder of this turbulent time in our past:

Castillo Santa Rosa: Located in the capital La Asunción, at 10 km from Porlamar. It dominates strategically the Valley of Santa Lucia. Its construction was initiated in 1667 and it was finsihed in 1683. It was declared National Munument in October 1965.

Fortín de la Galera: Is located in the bay with the same name in Juan Griego. It was built in 1811 by the provisional Government of Margarita and given the name Libertad (Freedom)

Fortín España: Is located on a hill outside of Santa Ana and protected the road form Juan Griego to La Asunción.

Castillo San Carlos de Borromeo: Was protecting the bay of Pampatar. It was built between 1664 and 1684. It was the most important one on Margarita Island

Fortín Santiago de la Caranta: On the other side of the bay of Pampatar are the ruins of Fortín Santiago de la Caranta. It was built between 1586 and 1595. It was destroyed in an attack of Dutch Pirates in 1926
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